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PIECES OF PEACE  - Should I not have concern… Jonah - Europäischer Bibliodramakongress in Torhout/Belgien am 23.-27. August 2017



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Europäischer Fortbildungskurs für Biblidramaleitung in multikulturellen und mehrsprachigen Gruppen


Das war der Deutsche Bibliodramatag

Lebenspfade - Tango und Bibliodrama - 21. Januar 2017



Akademie am See - Plön
Bibliodrama mit Ellen Kubitza und Tim Schramm - 01. - 03. 09. 2017


Europäischer Bibliodrama-Kongress

13th European Bibliodrama Conference

From 23 to 27 August 2017

Diocesaan Centrum Groenhove in TORHOUT BELGIUM


"Should I not have concern…" ( Jonah)

 Dear Friends

I sent you the invitation for the European Bibliodrama Conference some weeks ago. Perhaps you did not get it. If you aree interested plkease let us know by answering this mail or signing in on our website


I just found out the importance  of you all in the different countries to apply for support in the Erasmus + program.

I had this extremely friendly and helpful lady from the Belgian Team who told me that you have to apply trough your organization. Even as a volunteer you can get support as long as you follow the procedure.

She told me that you can get : 350 € /person for management, travel costs and accommodation and 70€ / day/person to pay for your course.  You have to let your organization, school, church… send you. Of course you, yourself can do what is necessary as long as it is from the point of view of your organization.

Through this link you can find your national agency and all you have to know.

Our pic-number can make it more specific the make clear what training or education you are applying for.

The Participant Identification Code (PIC) for the legal entity is 917382739.

But please hurry because all application have to be sent in before the 1  Februari.

If you can get the support it could make the conference much cheaper to everyone…

Many Greetings to all of you. And hope to see you in Belgium. For questions, please react, we will try to look for answers…